About Filipina Scammers

This  site is created for those who has been taken and scammed by a filipina that  lives in  the  Philippines. We  will allow you to post your story but most important to us is that you tell your Pinoy story as  is, no  exaggerations!!!!.  Be honest tell story as it is. If you like you can submit your story through a formal registration HERE and then write your story.

You will need to confirm your email prior to be part of this community.

If you do not  want to register then just send us a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. through our contact pages HERE and we will post your story in a  timely maner once investigation is confirmed. Please when contacting us, use your "REAL" name (will not be  published)  However your user name will be, No story  will be published unless a attached picture of  the  "lady" is  submitted. You need also to be able to verify her location and email as well as a cell phone number, if available. Our Private investigators will then locate these ladies and confront them on several issues so be specific with details about how, when  where you  meet etc... We are not here to slam a lady but rather stop her from taking some one else's money and accurate info about her will be essential to our success in doing so.

This is your website, and all posts are free and we have no profit interest in publishing your story. 

This  site about filipina scammers is a non profit site. We do not charge tou to tell your story. Our goal is to stop some ladies that are using  especially  white caucasian men to make their living  without having a serious intent  to have a relation. We will also allow the lady in question to  answer the alligations and tell her story if she wish to do so via comments on the post. The  Administrator..    


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